Sunday, January 4, 2015

Final 2014 Pic Wrap Up

2015. It's going to take some time to get used to writing that!

In the meantime, here are pics capturing little moments from the final week of 2014 and the first few days of 2015.

It's also my final post on! 

Beginning this week, I'll be posting new content on my self-hosted site:

I'm excited! Learning Word Press has been a challenge, but I think I know enough of the basics now. Go ahead and check it out and see what you think. 

Have a great 2015!



Sunday, December 28

The kids received a dentist Play Dough set for Christmas and had a great time playing with it today. Even Simon got in on the action. 

Monday, December 29

I think this one should be named Billy. As in the goat. He won't stop climbing. Here he is on top of the dressers  in the boys' room. 

Tuesday, December 30

Jeffrey helping me clean out the board games. He's a worker!

Wednesday, December 32

We played tea party for Family Play Time today, and enjoyed lovely suckers from Sees Candy. (Thanks to Drew's parents for those!!!) Owen managed his quite well, I was really impressed. A great independent snack for him! 

Thursday, January 1

My Aunt Becky and cousin Sammi invited us to a New Year's Party. Little did I know it was a baby shower in disguise! What a blessing! When you are on baby seven, you really have stopped thinking about showers, and it was a joy to spend some time celebrating this new life growing inside. Thank you so much Aunt Becky, Uncle Chris and Sammi! And everyone else who was there. We love you!

While there, the kids had a great time playing, and Bryan captured a shot of Simon I just had to share. 

Friday, January 2

While in Spokane for the party yesterday, we did a little shopping with the kids so they could spend some Christmas money. Ellie was so excited to see a laundry center, complete with ironing board. Because you know, she's always wanted one. And it was on clearance for $20 so she could finally buy one. 

I thought I'd put it together easily this morning and she'd be playing away. Not so much. But we worked on it while Bryan was at work and got it done! Two pics--one process, one complete. And was I ever glad to be completed with a task! My pregnancy carpal tunnel makes screwdriver work a bit of a challenge. But Praise the Lord, He gave me strength to get it done! 

It's pretty cute and has already been played with for a few hours. 

Saturday, January 3

You know those turkeys I talked about back in November? While they are still alive and running  all over the place. They drive me crazy! My step-dad has been sick, and we haven't gotten them butchered. Until today. 

The big Tom keeps scaring the kids and running at us. He jumped on Bryan this night, and it didn't end well for the Tom. 

Warning. The pic below shows a dead turkey tied in the air off a ladder for plucking.  If you don't want to see, stop reading now please. 

After a shotgun did its work, I got my first experience with manually plucking a bird. Remember that we use a plucker for the meat chickens. 

It was easier than I thought it'd be, but I did end up skinning when I brought it inside because it was getting dark and I didn't want to be out picking pin feathers all night. There is really no good workspace for that job in the house. Next time we will start earlier in the day! 

I also had my first experience dealing with shot in a critter. Made me feel like one of those old fashioned ladies on the prairie who cooked up whatever hubby had shot that day! 

The turkey is all cut up, and I'll be making broth, pan fried turkey and a few pounds of ground turkey with him. Should be delicious!

Now to take care of those other six...

Remember my warning. Here comes the picture...I was in the middle of cutting through wing feathers when I remembered to take one. Thankfully Bryan captured a few more photos. I may have to do a turkey butchering post soon!

Have a wonderful rest of your weekend and a marvelous 2015!!!!

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