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Welcome to Maggie's Milk! 

My name is Lisa.  I'm so glad that you are here.  Welcome to a little portion of the craziness that we call life here at Grouse Creek Farm. This page is dedicated to telling you about me. 

I find myself hard to fit into a single category.  There are so many overlapping circles in my life.

We'll start with faith.  I am a born again Christian who knows that I will have a home in heaven whenever the Lord calls me there.  I'm so thankful for the completed work that Christ did on the cross.  In all that I do, I try to remember that at the end of the day, I'm just a sinner saved by grace.

Onto family. We have a larger family than is normal. I think my extended family all thinks I'm nuts because of it.  But we believe that each child is a special gift from the Lord.  They are blessings.  We have six blessings so far, and look forward to others joining our family if the Lord desires. 

We do have a child with Angelman Syndrome.  That is a deletion on the 15th chromosome.  Owen is our Angel here on earth.  He cannot speak.  He has Pica, epilepsy and severe delays. But we try not to focus on what he can't do.  He does keep us on our toes, and helps us to learn more about real love.  He is a sweet boy, who is always ready for snuggles.   And swimming.  And splashing.  If there's water around, you better believe that Owen will be close. 

I can't talk about family without mentioning my amazing husband Bryan.  We were high school sweethearts, and more in love now than ever before.  I'm greatly blessed by him, and look forward to being by his side for many more years into the future. 

Alright...before it gets too sappy, I better move on. 

Grouse Creek Farm.  It's where I grew up.  Named because (you probably guessed it...) Grouse Creek runs through.  My parents live across the street.  We live in the old family home--it was my grandmother's before she passed away. 

We have Dexter milk cows, chickens and are working on getting pigs.  Each summer we raise about 300 meat chickens.  I have dreams of building the land and enriching the soil.  And someday earning enough from the family farm that my husband can quit his day job. 

 In other news...I am a certified teacher (in elementary education and reading). The public school system provided employment for me for seven years.  Three of those were in special education classrooms, and four in the local Parent Partnership Program.  But in 2012, the Lord provided a way for us to move to a single income, and I came home.  I'm so thankful!
Now I use my educational knowledge to teach our children.  I'm homeschooling Jayme, Owen, Jeffrey and Ellie currently.  I love this time!

Like all other bloggers, the path that the Lord has called me to follow is unique.  What works for my family might not be right for you.  Regardless of our paths, I am thankful that ours have crossed.  I hope you enjoy your stay!


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