Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Finally Ready for Another Puppy

In February of 2012, an adorable puppy joined our family for the first time ever.  We named her Kaya.  She was a mutt: Lab, Pyrenees, Australian Shepherd and Blue Heeler and who knows what else.
Our cute girl Kaya
We were so excited, and went out and got all of her needed supplies and went to pick her up.  The kids loved her so much!  She was a very energetic dog, and she loved playing fetch and going on long walks.

Kaya was permitted outside on occasion without being on a leash. Usually it was when we were right next to her, and we'd explore the farm together.  She loved herding the cows, and was really getting good at bringing Epie into the barn for milking.  We had big visions of a working farm dog for her--using the traits of her mixed breeding.  

Unfortunately, we weren't always with her on her expeditions like we probably should have been (at least until she was better trained...). One evening, as we were in the house preparing for mid-week church, we had Kaya outside.  She wanted to explore the sheep, and as she came running back home from my parents, she ran out into the road in front of a car. 

We'd only enjoyed her company for a few months, as it was Halloween of 2012.   I learned so much about owning a dog from Kaya, and I'm very thankful for all that she taught us, as hard as it was to lose her.  We learned the importance of training and keeping better tabs on a dog to prevent an accident like this from occurring. 

After Kaya's death, we talked about getting another pup, but decided against it.  The majority of the kids were too young to be much help, and Owen's health left us too busy to give a four-legged friend the attention and training that was necessary.

But now....we are in a different season in our life.  Owen's health has been stable.  He hasn't needed his emergency seizure medicine in over a year.  He's started walking--a testament to better health!  While he still has severe Pica, he seems to be tolerating that fairly well. 

The kids are all older.  Jayme will be 12 in a couple weeks.  Jeffrey is 5 and has become such a great worker.  He loves animals and the farm.  Ellie is almost 4.  She has really become more mature in the last year and a half.  With half of the kids being able to help, the time felt right.

My parents told me about a puppy batch that a friend of theirs advertised on Facebook.  Bryan and I talked about it, and thought it would be a good birthday present for me.  I called.  The puppies were all claimed. 

I was bummed, but decided that it just wasn't the right time.  We prayed that the Lord would show us when it'd be right to get another puppy to join the family.  And the next day...we got a call that one of the puppies was available.  The previous person wasn't able to take the only male.  And the best part?  He was the puppy I really liked from the pictures.  God is so good!

We went this morning and picked up our puppy.  He is 1/2 lab, 1/4 Pyrenees, and 1/4 Heeler.  Almost the same combination as Kaya.  He is super cute! 

A name was needed for our little pup.  We talked about lots of them.  Stryker.  Rascal.  Bandit.  But none of them seemed right once we got him home. 

Jeffrey, Ellie and I took him out for a potty break earlier today.  Jeffrey said something about Thunder.  Or at least that's what I thought he said.  Until Ellie said, "Yeah--Cinders and Ashes!" a line from a Thomas Train movie. 

Cinders.  The pup has a white body with dark spots.  And his face is dark.  He has little brown spots on his paws and face.  Cinders.  It fit.  We called it a few times.  We called Bryan to see what he thought.  After a brief discussion about Cinder vs. Cinders, we finalized it.  Cinders is our new farm dog.  Welcome home!

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