Monday, January 13, 2014

Jayme's Animated GIF

I love the things Jayme is learning in computer!  It's a subject I really didn't think she'd show so much interest in, and boy did she prove me wrong.  She's really enjoyed creating Scratch programming projects, and is now tackling HTML.

As part of her assignment today, she had to find a GIF animation maker program (with my help) and then create an animation.  She learned quickly, and whipped out several animations quickly.  We wanted to work together on a project, and I asked her to make a GIF of me milking. 

Jayme started up while I was cooking dinner.  She had it all planned out and 90% of the drawing completed.  I helped with some touch up color work.  (One of those "working together" projects where I felt completely worthless!)

Here it is...

Pretty good for her first day!  I'm looking forward to seeing more animations in the near future!  I love how homeschooling can focus in on individual interest areas and talents.  She never would have discovered computer programming or animation creation in the traditional 6th grade at our local school. 

We have Adobe Creative Suite, and I'm thinking there might be a GIF creator in there somewhere...I'll have to investigate that in the near future. 

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