Monday, January 27, 2014

Jayme's Birthday!

Wow!  Twelve years ago today...I became a mom!  Just a few days past my eighteenth birthday, that was a definite life changing experience.  It's amazing how much the Lord has worked in our lives over the past twelve years.   I've changed so much as a mom.  I've grown into a better person.  And I'm so thankful for the lovely young lady who ignited my journey into motherhood.

I look forward to seeing her follow the Lord's leading in her life.  She's really starting to develop interests and we're seeing glimpses of different talents.  Some--like computer programming--are ones I had no idea were there! Others, like her artistic abilities, are ones that we've watched develop over several years.  It'll be great to see what new skills and abilities and interests develop this year.

Jayme has reached an age where she's so helpful.  And so enjoyable to be around.  She asks great questions about things we read.  She loves to dive into topics of interest and learn more.

 She is such a blessing! I love that she's not embarrassed to play with her siblings.  That she still gives me hugs and holds hands with me when we walk through a store. That she shares her thoughts and dreams with me.  She is nothing like I was when I was her age.  And I'm so thankful!

I'm so thankful for the time that we spend together.  Homeschooling has been one of the best decisions we've ever made! 

Here's to another year of learning more about my oldest.  To help guide her journey towards adulthood. To pray for her.  Another year together. 

And yet, I have to remember that our years together are fleeting. We are not raising kids in this house.  Nope, Our eyes are set on something better here at Grouse Creek.

 Bryan and I are raising adults.  Adults who will serve the Lord in their own homes and communities someday.  May the Lord grant us the wisdom we need to guide and direct all of our kids into adulthood. 

And today, I had to stop to ponder the fact that adulthood is not that far away for my sweet Jayme.  So many things left to teach her.  So many lessons to learn.  And yet...I need to remember even more to stop and snuggle.  To enjoy her company.  To smile more.  To really enjoy all of my kids. 

I love you Jayme!  Happy Birthday!!!

Trying out the bow and arrow Bryan made her for her birthday!

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