Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pic Round Up Week 4

Ah the joys of having the Internet in rural America.  We utilize Satellite internet, and have a limited amount of data each month.  Since we bought two new computers during this Internet cycle, after all the updates they needed, our data was running low.  Yesterday it was at zero. 

Thankfully this company doesn't charge extra for going over.  You just get limited to slower than dial up speed.  Which means uploading seven pictures just wasn't going to happen. 

Today is the 26th.  Our Internet reset at midnight. Yeah! Now I can get these pictures up!

Sunday, January 19

Owen got a hold of Jayme's glasses.  Owen won.  New glasses ordered and should arrive next week!  Thankful for backup pair.

Monday, January 20

Trying to get better at taking pictures of food.  Strawberry-banana oatmeal. Yummy way to start the day!

Tuesday, January 21

Jeffrey was so excited after reading a few words!  His skills are really improving.

 Wednesday, January 22

Sydney's hair is finally long enough for piggy tails!!! 
Thursday, January 23

Trekked out to the junk pile to photograph old tires.  There were plenty to choose from!  I like the snow on this pair.

Friday, January 24

We made a hay fort out in the barn.  Sydney, Jeffrey and Ellie really enjoyed playing in it.
Saturday, January 25

Sydney decided to try Cinder's kennel out for size. 

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