Thursday, February 13, 2014

Our Driveway...The River!

I started a load of laundry on Tuesday afternoon, when I heard something strange. Our washer started beeping and flashed an error code.  Not knowing what it meant, I Googled it.  Low water.  Now that was strange!  We had water.  Didn't we?

A quick turn of the faucet revealed that no...we did not have water.  Just a drizzle was coming out.  Thankful that my husband could take my call at work, I dialed his number quickly.  He suggested going down to the pump house and resetting first the pump and then the holding tank.  I hung up and headed out.  Except I never made it to the pumphouse.

As soon as I stepped outside, I heard it.  Gushing water.  Not just a trickle.  A flood.  And then I saw it...

The pipe on the front of our barn had burst.  And we were quickly turning our compacted snow driveway into a flowing river.  A river that would freeze that night and become ice.  Yikes! 

Here's a close up.  You can see two spigots where water is supposed to come out.  And one big gushing hole in the middle where it's not!

I called Bryan back, and he arranged to leave work early.  He asked me to go shut off the water supply at the pump and to see if my step-dad Steve could come look at it and let him know the size of the pipe so a stop could be made for supplies. 

A phone call to Steve was put in, and thankfully he was already on his way home from work for the day.  He shut off the water, and decided that leaving water off for too long was a bad idea.  (My parent's house and our house share a well, so flipping the pump off left the whole farm without water...)

Steve took Jeffrey and ran to the local store after cutting off the pipe.  Once they got back, the pipe was fixed pretty quickly.  Jeffrey enjoyed learning about pipe glue.  It's in pretty colors!

Just as they were finishing up, Bryan got home, and he was able to jump right on the tractor and plow the whole flooded mess out of the way.  Our driveway looked so much better when he was finished! 

I'm so thankful that the broken pipe was fixed easily.  That was a definite blessing. As practice in continuing to be more thankful and complain less in my life, here are some good things about the broken pipe.

 It happened when the stores were opened.  It happened when Bryan could get away from work.  It happened when Steve was able to quickly work on it.  And our driveway got plowed.  Which was needed. 

In fact, Bryan and I had just been talking the day before about plowing, because the weather was supposed to turn to rain on Wednesday.  But, he didn't want to take time off from work just to plow since we didn't have a ton of snow.  We prayed that the Lord would give him wisdom about this situation.  And He did!  Bryan came home early to deal with a broken water pipe.  And was able to plow.  Before it rained. 

And after our pipe got fixed, I was able to wash up that load of laundry. 

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