Saturday, February 22, 2014

Pic Round Up #8

I'm really starting to enjoy capturing life's little moments with my iPhone.  I used to wait until I had picture perfect moments to snap the shot, and as you can imagine...that didn't happen too often. 

Here's the weekly round up.  This is the first week where I've taken time to bring the pics into Photoshop before posting to practice my editing skills. I mainly cropped, but I tried a few filters.  Photoshop has sure changed a lot between CS2 that we used to have and the new Creative Cloud version...lots of learning to do eventually!

Sunday 2/16

Jeffrey moving hay for Samurai.  He's learned how many flakes each animal or group of animals get, and it provides great real world counting practice! 

Monday 2/17

The kids are bound and determined to make me a better builder with Legos.  It was picked for family playtime yet again.  This time I got smart.  I used my cell phone to find directions online.  Much easier for me! I made the house and the boat.  Jayme made the little creature out front. 

Tuesday 2/18

Reclaiming water Grouse Creek Farm style!  The rain was just pouring down that day.  Careful placing of a couple of five gallon buckets quickly captured all the water I needed for afternoon chore time.
Wednesday 2/19

Food pictures.  I enjoy looking at these online, but have discovered I don't enjoy taking them.  Hence the reason that my food posts don't contain the gorgeous pics that so many other blogs feature.  Oh well! I still enjoy eating the food.  And that counts for a whole lot more!

Thursday 2/20

Oops! I forgot to make yogurt on Wednesday.  Didn't have enough for everyone for Thursday breakfast.  Since the chickens think it's spring and are finally laying well again, I surprised the kids with berry vanilla egg pudding for breakfast.  They didn't complain about missing the yogurt!

Friday 2/21

We tried making homemade gummies for the first time ever!  It was great fun.  And WAY easier than I thought it'd be with our cool silicone baking trays.  The kids loved them.  I'll post the process one of these days!

Saturday 2/22

Ah...the ever dwindling firewood supply.  The extreme cold weeks we experienced this year led to hotter fires or more wood used. We've kept it going continually--I think we've only had to build four fires since December--otherwise it's been burning. We think we have enough to finish out the season.  But just in case...

It's a good thing Bryan is going out to deck some wood today.  When the snow melts and it's warmer out, the kids and I will join him.  Until then, I'm very thankful to have a husband who takes care of it!

And another week is all wrapped up! 

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  1. I love the idea of a picture a day. Sounds like a lot of fun going on there! We are Lego junkies here as well.
    Have a great weekend


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