Saturday, February 8, 2014

Week 6 Pic Round Up

A cold week!  Temperatures were below zero again, and life seems to take a slower pace as we focus on staying warm.  We have the kids sleep downstairs, closer to the woodstove heat.  We keep the fire burning hot, and make hot chocolate to warm us up each morning. 

We stay close, and just enjoy time together.  Here are some pictures from the week...

Sunday, February 2nd
Samurai escaped!  He jumped over the walls of the pen he was sharing with Ninja.  Since the gate was frozen shut, he'll be in his own pen until it warms up a bit!  He isn't too happy with that arrangement though, and bawled quite a bit more this week. 

Monday, February 3rd

The only picture I have from this day is too dark to share...oops!  Will have to remember to turn on the flash if there isn't enough light around.

Tuesday, February 4th

Grandma and Grandpa got Jeffrey a bathrobe for Christmas.  Ellie really loved it, and they surprised her with one of her own.  She was super excited, and loved modeling it for the camera.

Wednesday, February 5th

Our little baby boy is getting big!  He can crawl backwards now, but hasn't quite figured out how to go forward.  He loves to be on his belly moving now! Hard to believe he'll be six months tomorrow!

Thursday, February 6th

We painted this day.  The kids had a great time experimenting with sponges and a variety of brushes.  Owen even made a few strokes before he decided to rip his paper up and try to eat it.  Sydney was very detail oriented.  Jayme painted a pony and a cat.  Jeffrey and Ellie covered their paper with every possible color, and then used the different brushes to create pattern strokes. 

Friday, February 7th

Made dehydrated liver treats for Cinders.  He loves them! (And is learning to sit and come!)
Saturday, February 8th

Sydney found a pair of toy binoculars in the toy box.  She loved looking through them! 

That wraps up another week!

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