Saturday, February 15, 2014

Weekly Pic Round Up #7

It's Saturday!  Before we head down to our first day of puppy kindergarten (sans Cinders since he won't have two sets of puppy shots until Monday...) I wanted to take a few minutes to share my pics from this past week.

Sunday, January 9

Jayme, Jeffrey and Ellie took time for sledding before heading back into town for evening church.  They had never been on this hill before, but my dad said it was one he used to sled on when he was younger, so they have been waiting for enough snow to try it out. They had a blast!

Monday, January 10

Snow meet school!  Jeffrey is learning to use a ruler and was proud to show off his new skills.  2 inches of new snow fell Monday.

Tuesday, January 11

An updated picture of our bull.  He's a good looking one, and is settling into life at Grouse Creek.

Wednesday, January 12

Good thing you don't need power to play Legos and take pictures! Jayme is hard at work on her castle. 

Thursday, January 13

With our last few kids, we have waited until six month to start any foods besides breast milk. Simon reached this age on February 9th, and enjoyed his first bites of applesauce today.  We don't buy Gerbers, so this is just the jarred organic applesauce from Costco that we all eat.    

Friday, January 14

This picture was proceeded by the following warnings...Sydney, stay out of the puddle.  Sydney get off the ice. Sydney you're going to get wet.  Then there was a big crack and a scream.

She found out the hard way that Mommy's warnings are usually for a good reason.  We'll call it a good dose of natural consequence!

I snapped the picture and then scooped her out. 

Saturday, January 15

The same puddle as above.  It had refrozen over, and Jeffrey and Ellie decided to ice skate.  Ellie got scared and Jeffrey played the role of the loving big brother and rescued first Ellie's baby doll and then Ellie from the ice.  It was sweet!

That wraps up another week!

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