Saturday, April 26, 2014

Last Weekly Round Up of April!

Can you believe that it'll be May before next Saturday?  Crazy!

It's been a busy week.  We had special meetings at church each night from Monday-Friday. With Bryan driving out from Spokane, he made it home just in time to leave for church.  It was hectic, but worthwhile.

On Resurrection Sunday, I didn't take any pictures.  We ate with my mom, and I left my iPod at home.  She took some nice pictures of the kids though!  Maybe I'll have her send me one so I can update this post.  (Hi mom...hint....hint....).

Monday,  April 21

A snapshot of our new chicken coop and pig pen.  The coop now has a door on the hole that you see.  That's a storage area for me to keep bags of feed and scratch in. We are hoping to hear back on piglets this week, and get some growing. 

Tuesday, April 22

Jeffrey has really been into drawing lately.  He's showing off his picture.  Unfortunately he moved right as I snapped so his picture is blurry.  But he looks cute! 

Wednesday, April 23

My little girlies getting all spruced up for special meetings.  Of course Sydney only kept her rubber bands in as long as it took for me to take the picture.  We'll have to work on that! 

Thursday, April 24

As part of my focus verse for the year, I'm really trying to pay better attention to season changes and be prepared.   In that mindset, I ordered swimwear for the kids who needed it.  By ordering early, I made sure that it arrived in time for swimming and splashing in the creek all summer.  Owen looks handsome in his new swim shirt and shorts.  We're still waiting on Jayme's new suit.  We custom ordered one from Stitchin' Times, and it takes a bit longer than just generic ones of the shelf.  It should last a long time though! I ordered mine from them in 2008 and it still looks great!

Friday, April 25

Thanks to Jayme for taking this picture!  That's my hand you see.  Another new purchase for summer.  We ordered 12 silicone Popsicle molds. For their first use, I filled them up with yogurt based smoothies.  Simon approves!

Saturday, April 26

Ellie in the swing at the end of a long day.  It's been a busy day on the farm--fixing fence, moving cows, buying hardware for the chicken coop and working on the coop.  It was nice to relax this evening!

Hope your week was a good one!

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