Saturday, April 12, 2014

Weekly Pic Round Up

It's Saturday again.

Well, I guess at this point, it's been Saturday all day.  And now it's almost Sunday.

Either's time to share weekly pictures again.

Sunday, April 6

I love comparing egg sizes with the little ones.  It makes a perfect real world quick math lesson.  Check out our small, medium and large eggs.  No matter the size, they sure taste delicious!

 Monday, April 7

Ellie looking after Simon while we were working in the field, trying to get the pasture ready for our cows.  She sure loves her brother! And case you noticed, those are mismatched socks on Simon.  Owen particularly likes to chew on and eat baby socks, so finding a matching pair can be a challenge!

Tuesday, April 8

My mom brought home some wonderful treasures for us from my lovely Aunt Gerri.  One of the items was an old typewriter.  Here my little author was trying it out.  We also received an electric typewriter, so Jayme has been enjoying comparing and contrasting the two typewriters and the computer. 

 Wednesday, April 9

Another treasure from my aunt.  This one has already gotten a lot of use.  It's an amazing pasta maker.  You put the flour in the mixer bowl, and turn it on.  As it mixes, you slowly add an egg, water and oil mixture.  Then after it's all combined, you turn the machine to extrude and pasta comes out.  Fresh pasta in minutes--fabulous!  They are so delicious.  And it makes bagels, cookies (both of which we've tried) and pretzels.  Looking forward to many more experiments with this.  Sydney absolutely loves helping.  Here, she was helping to pinch the macaroni off to size.

As a side note about this picture, that jar with the purple cloth on top is my sourdough starter.  I've finally gotten into a sourdough groove, and we've really been enjoying the bread.  I make a loaf several times a week, and Jayme is starting to mix it up for me.  It's super simple and a great first bread!

 Thursday, April 10

A blurry picture that captures our picnic at the cedars after a long day of work.  We finally finished the fence and got the cows out to pasture.  The deer really made quick work of our fence over the winter, and all of the electric portion had to be untangled and restrung.  And I added more to try and subdivide it better.  Lots of work.

We enjoyed the picnic supper with Grandma and Grandpa.  A big thanks to my sister Mindy and her husband Drew for the picnic basket that makes the picnics more enjoyable! It's sitting next to Sydney on the bench--you can barely see it. 

I'm super thankful that we live on Grouse Creek, with wonderful picnic spots like this one.  We don't have to go anywhere for relaxation and entertainment.  It's all right here! 

Friday, April 12

An unfortunate accident.  Sydney knocked the lid to my cookie jar canister off the counter as she was climbing up on a stool to help me cook.  I was really trying to figure out how to make it work without a lid, but today (Saturday), I accidentally dropped a mug on the canister itself as I was putting cups away, and broke it too.  

So I pulled out a large plastic canister and called it good as my new cookie jar.  Problem solved!

We go through a lot of cookies.  The ones in the background are chocolate chip.  And they are delicious!

Saturday, April 12

Another hard working day on the farm.  When Daddy is home, we really are able to get a lot done.  We finished the pig pen, and got a great start on the chicken coop.  Here, Bryan is teaching Jeff and Ellie about using a chalk line for straight lines.  

They got to hammer in nails all over the floor on the chalk lines Daddy made.  He got the nails started for them, and they went to town.  They had so much fun! 

In the background you can see the new pig pen.  Sydney was having a blast playing inside of it.

There you go...some events from our week captured in pictures.  Looking forward to sharing pictures of the finished chicken coop next Saturday!

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