Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Our Daily Egg Hunt

With free range chickens, daily egg hunts happen here at the farm. Unlike the plastic or colored variety Grandma hid for the little ones this past weekend, our egg hiders aren't obvious.

Nope. The hens select secluded places to create their nests and lay their eggs. And once we find them, they are most likely going to move to a new spot before laying again.

Just to keep us hunting you know.

When we find a nest, we float test all of the eggs. Sinking is good. Floating is bad. Wash up the good ones. Toss the bad.  Jeffrey has it figured out and loves hunting for nests and checking for floaters.

But every time we find one, I can't help but feel estatic for the completion of our new coop with an enclosed run. We have 18 hens. I get 5 eggs or so a day in the current coop. By my calculations, there are dozens and dozens of eggs all over the farm just waiting to be found.

Thankfully my husband has been hard at work on the new coop. It's getting closer to being done. Then I think I'll be amazed at how many eggs we have! And we won't even have to search for them. 

Our chickens will no longer be free range, but I think they'll enjoy their new coop. Bryan designed it and did a marvelous job! It has a removable panel to make cleaning easier, nice elevated built in nest boxes and storage for food. 

The kids get to help us prime and paint soon. They will love it! When it's all done, I will have to give a photo tour of it. 

Until then, we will continue to enjoy our daily egg hunts. I don't think the kids will complain! 

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