Saturday, April 19, 2014

Weekly Pic Round Up

Here we go...another week completed. 

Sunday, April 13

Our little Ellie turned 4.  Here she is blowing out candles on her birthday cake/cupcake castle.  What a sweetie!

Monday, April 14

Using the great directions and idea from this blog, we worked hard on creating a Resurrection Mountain and pipe cleaner people.   Owen enjoyed the pipe cleaners!  Unfortunately, our mountain caved in during the baking process, but we have been using it all week regardless.  We'll try again next year!

Tuesday, April 15

Sausage making.  I've never done this before, so was excited to try a new skill!  I used my parent's meat grinder, and some basic seasoning (salt, pepper, pepper flakes and a lot of sage) to flavor a ground up pork roast and pork steaks.  It tasted good!  But was too spicy for the kids.  Next time I'll cut the pepper flakes down even more.  1 Tablespoon was too much (the recipe called for 1.5, so I thought it'd be fine). 

Wednesday, April 16

Took pictures for my DVD purge blog post.  Yup--definitely time to do something about the clutter!
Thursday, April 17

Simon really enjoyed his egg yolk scramble. At least his lap did... Oh well.  The table, the baby and the floor all clean up.  The doggie likes helping with this  task!  

Friday, April 18

We took an adventure!  We packed up a small bag each full of essentials (books, paper, toys, snacks) and grabbed a blanket.  We headed out to the woods to find a clearing to set up our base camp.  Then I settled down there with Simon and Owen on the blanket, and everyone enjoyed a couple of hours in the woods.  We found rooms between trees, moved some fallen logs and ate some dirt.  Well...not everyone ate the dirt.  It was great--no distractions, no housework...just time with the kids.  I loved it!

Here, Jeffrey and Ellie were charging ahead to explore a new area.  

Saturday, April 19

Bryan just loves it when he arrives home from work to me saying that I think we would probably be heading to the hospital.  Well, no he actually doesn't love it.  But that was the scene he walked into on Friday night. 

Owen had a drop seizure onto the corner of our roll-top desk.  The desk IS stronger than Owen's eyelid, in case you were wondering. 

Thankfully there was no waiting at the ER, and they were able to glue it shut easily.  Now no bath for Owen for a few days.  That'll be the hardest part!

It looked pretty good when he woke up this morning.  He definitely has a black eye, and it's swollen, but the wound itself is staying closed.  We're praying that it heals well.  He has so many scars on his face from all of his falls, poor guy!

Dramatic ending to the week!  I'm looking forward to a wonderful Resurrection Sunday in the morning.  We start the day with a church brunch at 9.  Enjoy your day!

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