Saturday, July 5, 2014

Another Saturday....Pic Round Up Time!

Whew--can you believe it's already July?  This year is officially half over and we're on the downward swing.  It'll be Christmas before we know it, and then we'll be ringing in a new year.  Wow! 

Sunday, June 29

Read a blog post this morning and heard about a fancy Italian dessert that was supposed to be super simple to make.  Had never done it before, but had all the ingredients for the non-dairy free version, so I threw it together.  Went super quick and sat up in the little custard dishes while we were at church.

 Not everyone loved their Panna Cotta, but I will make it occasionally. I enjoyed it and so did Owen and Simon (though his didn't have the delicious honey on top...) It looked really pretty.  

Monday, June 30

 Talk about giving Mommy a heart attack!  I walked into the kitchen (which had the gate left open...) and discovered this little guy cruising around on big brother's wheelchair.  Our house isn't really square (one of the "perks" of living in such an old place!) and he was naturally just rolling along the floor. 

Check out that grin!

Tuesday, July 1

Hmmm...I really need to figure out how to take better pictures when bright sunlight is streaming in from the windows...

Anyways, Sydney feeding Simon and the dog.  It's Simon's turn! (And yes...the spoon is backwards.  She was putting food on the handle for some reason.  Maybe because it was a bigger spoon than Simon usually uses...who knows!)

Wednesday, July 2

My thirsty baby!  I was giving him a bath in the sink, and he figured this neat trick out! His diaper was nice and full a few hours later...

Thursday, July 3

We camped in our yard for the first time ever.  It was fun.  We played football, roasted some homemade marshmallows, and just relaxed by the fire burning nicely in the fire pit.  Ellie wanted to show off her cute sleeping bag (that I believe used to belong to her Aunt Katie and then big sister Jayme...).

Next time...we'll bring out Simon's playpen.  He doesn't like snuggling when he's trying to sleep! He and Owen and I ended up going inside at 3:30 or so to finish out the night so we wouldn't wake everyone else up.  Still a fun night, and looking forward to trying it again soon!

Friday, July 4

No pictures--just a lot of fun with the family and friends.

Saturday, July 5

Another picture of Simon.  Apparently he was a camera hog this week!  He climbed in the dog crate.  Isn't he cute?

I hope you had a great 4th of July!  "See" you next week!

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