Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Make Hay While the Sun Shines

In the Little House books, Pa used to say it a lot.  "Make hay while the sun shines."  It's a saying I've been thinking about lately, and I think applies to much of life--not just making hay. 

There are so many things that are hard, that are really easy to procrastinate on.  But you know what?  We've got to make hay...get it done.  Then we can rejoice in the fact that the job we were dreading is done.  

The Lord is good to provide us with the strength we need to tackle a tough task.  And He'll help us with our attitudes if we ask.  Being a grumpy worker is no fun--for anyone!

Summer is a busy season on the farm.  There's a war with weeds to be won in the garden, cherries, service berries and strawberries to pick, chickens to be taken care of and cows to milk.  But we've got to do it while the sun shines--winter will be here before we know it. 

And that is when life can slow down a bit.  Until then, we do what we can each day, and slowly check off our to-do boxes.  Keeping a steady pace is better than rushing one day and having to recover for two or three.

On another note...

This week, we did make hay at Grouse Creek.  But I can't say that I did much of anything.  My step-dad used the tractor to swath, rake and bale. 

Can you see the bales of barley hay? 95 of them were added to the winter feed supply this week!
I was going to help him pick it up today, but some early morning rain meant it had to be picked up sooner rather than later, and I had to take the kids to VBS.  Thankfully my mom jumped in and drove the truck, and the hay got into the barn to dry out a bit before joining the stack.

I think we should have enough hay now to winter the cows.  That is a huge blessing!  Just need to find some straw now for bedding and pick up a couple ton.  By doing it now, we avoid paying higher prices in the winter.  And we don't have to move hay or straw with snow on the ground.  There's something to be said about preparing for the coming seasons in advance.

And now I'm going to go enjoy a few more minutes of quiet time before it's time to tackle afternoon chores.  We are going to see if any of Baldy's eggs have hatched.  What an exciting time!

What are your thoughts on Pa's saying? 

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