Saturday, July 12, 2014

Weekly Pictures

Chicken butchering day here at the farm.  Processing the birds left me tired!  So this will be a really quick whirlwind through our week.  The pictures aren't edited or cropped or anything this time around...but at least they are mostly here!

Sunday, June 6

See how nicely our pigs are growing?  They love to eat their milk soaked grain. Come September, we'll be ready for the delicious bacon.  Oh yeah--and the rest of the pork too.  But especially bacon!

Monday, June 7

No picture today

Tuesday, June 8

Our shopping day for July.  My lovely shoes...they definitely saw better days!

Wednesday, June 9

The kids and I picked strawberries at mom's.  Most of them got frozen, but I really wanted some fresh jam.  Alas, I had no pectin.  So I Googled and found a recipe for pectin-less jam.  I didn't think it'd work, so I didn't bother water canning them, just stored them in the fridge.  You know what? I was wrong, and I'll be making this again!  

Thursday, June 10

On Owen's day we decided to paint in shaving cream for our family play time.  This was clean up time.  Instead of just using rags like we usually do, I brought out a squirt bottle of water.  It was WAY more fun.  Owen could even get in on the action, except he didn't want anything to do with squirting the table.  Just his own head!
Friday, June 11

Look who's king of the chair.  Simon has learned to climb.  And successfully conquered Sydney's little pink chair. So proud of  himself. 

 He can also go up the stairs now.  Which means we have to be extra diligent at keeping the gate shut!

Saturday, June 12

No pictures of butchering.  My sister, brother-in-law and mom took care of those, and I was too tired tonight to bother asking them to send me one.  Maybe I will ask nicely tomorrow and will be able to do a butcher post next week.

Instead you get this one, which I thought was amazing!  My husband took it for me just a couple of minutes ago, as I was candling one of Baldy's eggs.  Can you see the chick head and eye?  Isn't that cool? This is day 10 of her sitting.

Well folks, my bed is calling my name...  Good night!

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