Saturday, July 19, 2014

Weekly Pictures for July 13-19

Outside, the air is thick with smoke.  A large fire is burning the middle of our state.  And the wind is blowing all of that smoke east, right on top of us.  The sunlight streaming through the smoke creates an eerie glow around the sun.  Bryan captured this picture in Spokane earlier this week.

We are praying that the fire is soon contained, and for no more homes to be lost.  It's hard to imagine that almost an entire town (Pateros) was burnt.  Please remember the people who lost their homes in the fire in your prayers!

Here are the pictures I took this week.  It's a fun way to remember some of life's little moments!

Sunday, July 13

We've started the processing of gathering hay for the livestock this winter.  I'm hoping to have around 400 bales stored by the start of winter.  That'll be enough to see all the animals through until April or so (when they should be able to be out on pasture again) and keep the bull in until June (when we need him to breed again).  Right now, we have 192 bales.  My step-dad just cut our barley crop, and by next weekend we should have it added to our barn, and it should just be enough to finish out my goal.  (I'm really hoping to avoid buying hay in the winter since the price is usually over $200 a ton at that point...)

Monday, July 14

How do you pit cherries without a cherry pitter?  You use a straw.  Jayme is demonstrating for the camera how it works.  Quick and easy, and no need for another kitchen gadget to sit in a drawer unused most of the year!

Tuesday, July 15

The strawberries at mom's are producing a bumper crop, and Jeffrey enjoys helping pick and hull them.  

Wednesday, July 16

Jayme decided to make chocolate cupcakes for a special snack today.  She put in a filling and everything--what a treat!  Here she is frosting one. Chocolate of course!!! 
Thursday, July 17

We went swimming at my aunt and uncle's for most of the afternoon.  Owen absolutely loved the water!  He's safe now in a life jacket with the neck support that he just stays on his back and goes all over the pool.  He likes to give mommy a panic attack by going to the deep end! 

After swimming, Jeffrey wanted to try out Uncle Danny's manual lawnmower.  He had fun running this all over the yard, and I'm seeing some potential for one of these!

Friday, July 18

Ellie enjoys playing on the counter while I'm busy in the kitchen. Today I had some Legos for her to use.  She took apart a Lego car, and put it back together a few times. 

Saturday, July 19

It's been awhile since I shared a picture of our pup.  He's getting huge (knee high now) and LOVES water.  He also enjoys playing fetch with this particular toy.  Now to just get him to drop it more consistently... He's a cutie!

Any exciting times for your family this week? 

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