Saturday, September 20, 2014

Saturday Pic Round up

Brought to you via the iPhone Blogger app on a state highway between Grand Coulee and Wilbur...

Sunday, September 14

We are learning about Creation for the first trimester or so of school, and since I teach Sunday School to my littles we start each week's lessons there. Here a felt board and its pieces are being explored. 

Monday, September 15

I think this sight was a first on our dusty county road. Some dutch work was being done.

Tuesday, September 16

Learning about sound vibration in science, the kids made hornet toys. They enjoyed twirling them around and making different sounds.

Wednesday, September 17

My Hillbilly portrait! 

Thursday, September 18

Jeffrey has been hard at work learning to make his own bed. He's getting better! 

Friday, September 19

After a quick trip to the library we played at the park. Owen loves the texture of the rocks. 

Saturday, September 20

A first for everyone in our family... We headed to Grand Coulee Dam and took in the laser light show. It was amazing, and we really enjoyed the trip. Most of the summer it starts too late on the evening for our family with so many littles. But in September it starts at 8:30. Perfect! We can be home by 11:30 or so. And my parents are going to milk for me in the morning since we have such a late night. Thanks Mom! 

Here is a pic Bryan captured. 

Well, off to enjoy the drive home.  Have a great evening everyone! 

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