Saturday, September 27, 2014

Saturday=Picture Time

I can't believe October is almost here.  I've taken a picture a day for almost 3/4 of a year!  Of course there were a few days that were missed, but I sure feel like I've learned a lot about capturing the little moments in life.

Here are some of those moments from this week...

Sunday, September 21:

 At 21 weeks, it was time to drag out the tub of maternity clothes from the basement.  Sydney found herself a cute little bed in the middle of sorting through them. 

Monday, September 22:

Owen's most current med change has been interesting.  He's so tired during the day, but doesn't sleep too well at night.  Here he is all curled up on the couch trying to catch some mid morning Z's.  We're hoping as he adjusts to the change things start to flip-flop a bit and he sleeps more at night again.

Tuesday, September 23:

 I had a work crew helping me milk this morning.  Simon woke up Sydney and Sydney woke up Ellie, and one wanted to go back to sleep (except Mommy!).  So we all trekked out to the barn for morning chores. 

Wednesday, September 24

My mom's birthday.  I tried my hand at making a German Chocolate cake from scratch.  Somehow my layers didn't end up the same size despite baking them one at a time in the same pan.  Oops! It's hard to hide that with frosting.  But, it tasted good.  Grandma had lots of help blowing out the candles. Happy Birthday Mom!

Thursday, September 25:

Jeff ran himself out trying to help lock up the turkeys for the night.  We got all but one right away, and that one decided he wanted to be out and about for a while longer.  To save time, Jeffrey decided to avoid opening the gate and just climb through. 

Friday, September 28

Simon is cutting his first molars and had a miserable day.  He found comfort in my arms and also in Jayme's.  She curled up with him for a while so I could make lunch.  They sure look cozy.

Saturday, September 29

Bryan captured this beautiful sunset this evening.  I love the colors! 

Hope you had some great moments this week!

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