Saturday, September 6, 2014

Saturday Picture Time!

We survived the first week of our homeschool year!  I'm really enjoying what we're doing this year, and one of these days I'll take time to write it down. 

In the meantime, here are some images from our week. 

Sunday, August 31

Ellie thought Simon needed a little bit of post breakfast love.  She is totally happy, him...not so much! 

Monday, September 1

A Labor Day trip to Bryan's mom to spend time with family.  The kids had a great time playing outside and enjoying the sunshine.  This was a nice break from the hard remodel work that last week brought.

 Tuesday, September 2

First day of school!  This year, Jayme is in 7th grade.  Jeffrey is kind of K-1 (age wise he should just be starting, but we did low-key K last year).  Ellie is Pre-K-K, and Sydney is a low-key Pre-K.  Owen should be in grade 2, but since he spent so long in Pre-K, I just have him and Jeffrey going through together. 

Here Sydney, Jeffrey and Ellie are decorating their special school water glasses with foam stickers from Grandma Linda.  Thanks--it was a great first day of school project!

Wednesday, September 3

Simon got lots of sibling love this week.  We have a car seat in the dining room right now, and Simon was sitting in it.  Owen decided to sit on Simon's lap.  Ah--brothers....

Thursday, September 4

No pictures

Friday, September 5

Jeffrey and Ellie have wanted a tree fort with a rope ladder ever since we first read the Berenstain Bear book No Girls Allowed. He decided today was the day to get started, and asked to make a rope ladder for his game. 

We took bailing twine and cut six strands all the same size.  Then we divided into groups of two with three strands each, and sat to work twisting rope.  Jayme and Jeffrey set up a pulley system in the apple tree that worked well. 

The ladder isn't done yet, but we now have two ropes!

Saturday, September 6

Do you know what is worse than having a creepy popcorn spider in the barn where you water the cows?

Creepy spider--pic from last week
NOT seeing the creepy spider.  Because then you're wondering where it is...and if it's going to drop down on your head or something...

Just the web--no spider....
Ew!  I don't like spiders!

Have a spider free weekend!!!

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