Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Loving the Wood Stove

I love having a wood stove!  It cuts the chill out of the morning air so nicely.  You can stand in front of the stove, or curl up on the ground nearby with a good book, and just feel so cozy.  I'm telling you--you can't get that feeling standing or sitting by an electric vent.

Yes, having a wood stove is a lot of work.  Especially for my husband who gets the job of cutting and splitting (at least until we have sons who are MUCH older...) And packing wood into the house requires we all pitch in on a daily basis.  The stove ashes also need cleaned out regularly, which means burning does take extra work.

But when the living room feels warm and snug, it is definitely worthwhile!  Especially when we're experiencing an extended power outage, and we are not without heat. 

And Praise the Lord--Owen hasn't opened the stove while in use once this season.  I'm hopeful that that is one bad habit from last year that he's finally moving past.  The smoke that would fill the house was definitely not fun, and we were always worried that he'd get out of his room at night and open the doors while we were all sleeping (which lead to his lockable from the outside Dutch door...)

Simon has also stayed away from the stove now that it's producing heat.  We made it a point to not block off the stove, because there are so many people we visit who also have a stove.  The kids have to learn to leave it alone.   Owen requires more supervision than the others, but he is showing a little maturity this year, which is wonderful!

Our wood stove is definitely a blessing, and we are thankful for the warmth that it'll provide all winter long. 

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