Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My Bunnies Are Here!

Well, one of our farm goals was accomplished sooner rather than later. We picked up five rabbits tonight, and brought them home.  There are four pedigreed American Chincillas (three does and a buck) and a Rex/Dwarf cross buck.

I need to clean the hutches that came with them out tomorrow, and I'll throw the lovely rabbit manure onto the garden to be worked in. 

Then we can get the hutches off the truck and trailer more easily (poop weighs a lot!) I'm looking forward to getting them all the way settled in their new environment.

The lady we bought them from put one of the does on with a buck with us (the chincillas) and recommended leaving both that doe and another in with him tonight. (The does have been together so they aren't a fighting risk.)

In 31 days we should have baby bunnies! Then 10 weeks after that we will butcher for the first time. 

Since it was dark when we got home, I couldn't get good pictures. Instead, I'll leave you with one from Craigslist where I first found our new critters.

 Any words of advice for a rabbit newbie?

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