Saturday, October 18, 2014

Pictures of the Week

Whew, another week has come and gone.  We made some memories, did some art, and worked hard on befriending our bunnies (they are slowly getting used to us...).

Here are some small moments that were captured throughout the past seven days (well, honestly it's only five of those seven, but that's alright!  Life happens...)

Sunday, October 12

I still wasn't feeling great this day, and didn't take any pictures.

Monday, October 13

Columbus Day--here is Jayme painting her boat.

 Tuesday, October 14

Shopping day in Spokane.  The kids have been earning little bits of money doing some extra work and putting in extra effort, and Ellie enjoyed spending hers at the Dollar Store.  She bought princess dress up things and a microphone.  My singing princess!

Wednesday, October 15

My dear husband's birthday.  He works so hard for his family, and we appreciate all that he does.  Jayme enjoyed baking and decorating this cake.  Check out what the candles spell... (and thanks to Jayme for taking this pic!)

 Thursday, October 16

I ended up taking little Sydney into the doctor to see if she had a sinus infection, since her nose had been drippy for so long.  I was also a little worried that maybe she had shoved something up there instead, because of the smell that was there. 

Thankfully, he gave her a clean bill of health--said it was just a cold and she was just hanging onto it longer than the rest of us had.  Even better--by today (Saturday) she is over her cold! And there is nothing up her nose (at least that we know of...)

Anyways, long story to say I don't have a picture.  Unexpected doctor appointments always through our routine off a bit...though you think we'd be used to them by now with Owen...

Friday, October 17

Instead of the normal pizza at Grandma's house on Friday, we chowed down on hamburgers, french fries and onion rings.  What a delicious treat!  Here's a pic of the onion rings slowly turning golden.

 Saturday, October 18

We were able to go help celebrate the graduation for a young adult in a family from our church.
While there, we took the opportunity to play outside, and the kids really enjoyed these benches.  They made the perfect logs to walk on, and as Jeffrey demonstrates in this picture--to jump off of!

Well, Owen just fell back asleep for the night, so I'm going to turn in (again!)  I hope you have a delightful end to your week!

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