Saturday, October 11, 2014

Saturday Pictures

Welcome to fall ladies and gentlemen, here's a cold for you.  That's the lovely change of season report from here on the farm. Owen catches germs very easily (thanks in part to the Pica and shoving things in his mouth everywhere we go--even tissues if he finds them--EW!), and once it's in the house, it's hard to keep colds contained.  Three of the kids, and now myself, are feeling this one.  I miss summer, fewer seizures and good health!  But, the Lord will give us strength to make it through the sick season. 

Even though we're sniffling and sneezing with sore throats, I took pictures almost every day.  Here they are.

Sunday, October 5

Poor Simon.  Learning to walk is rough.  He tripped over something and found the corner of the wall with his forehead.  I think he kind of looks like a Klingon with the ridge...

Monday, October 6

Here's a walking picture.  Simon is now pretty confident, even outside!  I was worried that his head bump yesterday would slow him down a bit, but he's still going strong.

Tuesday, October 7

Bryan surprised Jeffrey with a motorcycle out of K'Nex Monday night, and Jeffrey loved playing with it when he woke up.  (Simon wanted a turn too!)

 Wednesday, October 8

No pictures!

Thursday, October 9

We took a quick trip to Chewelah to take some books back to the library before they were overdue, and stopped by the park.  Jeffrey and Jayme raced to the top of the jungle gym.

Friday, October 10

Ellie really enjoys helping take care of the new rabbits!  They all have names now.  Belle, Cloud and Mama Bunny are the does and Barney and Raf are the bucks.  We still need to move their hutches into final positions, but they are off the truck and trailer, and so much easier to take care of. What a fun addition to the farm! 

Saturday, October 11

Check out this sunset!  What a beautiful sight. A completely different palette of colors from last Saturday. 

Keep well, and hopefully by next week we'll all be doing better!

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