Saturday, November 1, 2014

Pics for Saturday

Happy November everyone!  We've got two birthdays, a Thanksgiving trip to the other side of the coast, and a zoo visit all on the docket in the next 29 days.  Wow--it'll certainly be a fun filled month!

Here's a glimpse into how we wrapped up October:


A potluck at church took my mind off of picture taking today.  What a blessed time of fellowship!


Ellie wanted to play outside in the leaves for her game.  It was so much fun! We built a "house" complete with a nice bed and a couch.  Jeffrey and Jayme are trying out the bed.  Cozy!


Ellie and Sydney helped me cook dinner tonight.  They are turning into good helpers! My picture turned out blurry though--I think I was trying to do too much all at once!


We spent time outside again today.  Simon loved the leaves, and is finally figuring out walking on uneven ground.  He even tried to run a bit! Like the handle-less little rake he was playing with?


I"m trying to get more exercise into our days, especially before winter hits.  We took a walk down to the creek for some outside active play.  In the meantime, I caught this shot.  Jeffrey and Jayme worked hard this past summer on getting a rock bridge in the creek.  We'll see if it holds up this winter...


Simon and his Apple Juice Jello.  He approved, but found it hard to eat.  (He's becoming very independent in eating and doesn't like help much...)


Jeffrey loves helping in the kitchen.  He asked to make cookies for our afternoon snack tonight.  I supervised him and did some of the measuring for him.  He stirred everything together and made the balls on the cookie sheets.  Here he is showing off his newest kitchen skill--taking cookies off the sheets with a spatula.  What fun to cook together!

 You can see more apples in the background.  We're slowly turning them all into applesauce, apple juice, dried apples and apple rolls.  I'll probably try to get an apple pie made this week.  We're down to just one tub left!!!

What were you up to this week?

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