Saturday, November 15, 2014

Pictures: Saturday, November 15 Edition

Can you believe Thanksgiving is only a couple weeks away?  The kids are sure looking forward to driving across the state and seeing their Great Aunt and Uncle, along with a couple of their Aunts.  It should be a great time!

This week was spent doing some winter prep, snuggling in front of the fire, and enjoyable school projects.  Let me share a few of our memories with you.

Sunday, November 9

We are absolutely loving the breakfast casserole from Heavenly Homemakers.  We make a version of it almost every Sunday.  It's so quick to throw together, and while it bakes, I can take care of a couple of items on my long Sunday morning to-do list.  This week, we had ham and bacon from our pigs stirred into the simple egg mixture.  A few left over baked potatoes were grated to add some body, and the whole thing was topped with cheese.  It was delicious!

 Monday, November 10

A great sensory activity for the kids!  We gathered together as many plastic animals as we could, and gave them each a paint job (we used acrylic because that's what we had on hand...I'm guessing Tempera would be better for the future!).  After the new designs were shown off, each animal was plopped into a tub of warm soapy water in the middle of the table and washed off.  Plenty of towels were on hand to dry everything (and everyone!)  Owen really enjoyed the washing station, though he did get a hand in the paint once or twice.  He doesn't use tools such as paintbrushes effectively yet, but we keep introducing them.  If you need a way to keep a wide age span of kids busy for a while, I highly recommend this activity!

In this pic, Jayme is painting one of her horses.  She turned it into a Pinto. I think.  I'm not too good with horse patterns!
 Tuesday, November 11

Look!  My apple cider vinegar is growing it's own mother!  I'm so excited.  I've never made this before, but it was super simple.  I used this recipe and it's been sitting now for about a month.  Haven't been brave enough to taste it yet, but I know the mother is a good sign that the right kind of bacteria is reproducing!

 Wednesday, November 12

This was our big shopping day.  An exhausting one!  But Ellie helped me try a new recipe for hot chocolate mix after we got home.  Last winter we just used Maggie's milk and made a huge batch almost daily since the cows were super fresh.  Not so much this winter, now that they are dry.  But we LOVE hot cocoa around here.  Trying to find a recipe that doesn't have a nasty texture that doesn't require a food processor (we don't have one).  My blender didn't seem up to snuff to mix it all together, unfortunately.  If you have any recommendations, please leave a comment and let me know!
 Thursday, November 13

Spoons?  Who needs a stinking spoon?  Not Simon.  (Though he cries if we forget to give him a utensil at meal time.)  He dove into his oatmeal this morning, and ate it all up.  He even finished Sydney's bowl for her.  Big eater this one!
 Friday, November 14

What happens if you leave a plate of homemade peanut butter cups on the low counter where little hands can reach?  And you aren't in the kitchen supervising?  This...the two youngest enjoying them all.  I'm learning to snap a picture of situations like this.  I hear that someday I'll look back and laugh! :) They sure did look cute all covered in chocolate.

 Saturday, November 15

Wood moving day.  It's been cold lately (single digits!) and we've gone through a ton of wood.  Bryan took care of that today by splitting some more and loading the truck.  The kids worked  hard to unload the truck onto the big front porch.  By keeping a couple of weeks worth on the porch, we save a lot of effort in bringing it in each day.  I love working together with my family!
Is it super cold where  you are too?  Stay warm if it is.  If not, send me warm thoughts! Have a great week!

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