Friday, November 14, 2014

Red Cabbage pH Strips

We completed a fun experiment earlier this week in science.  Using juice from red cabbage and coffee filters, we created pH testing strips.

The kids enjoyed wearing the gloves so they could work with chemicals to test.

We gathered pickle juice, BBQ cleaner, window cleaner, hydrogen peroxide, lemon juice, vanilla, sesame oil, ketchup and mustard. (Everyone got to pick at least one item to test--they came up with some interesting choices!)

 We put just a small amount of each test liquid into a small disposable cup.

Everyone took turns picking up a strip and dipping it in a liquid of their choice.  It was neat watching the strips turn colors to indicate acid or base.

After everything was cleaned up, we had a great discussion about pH and ways it's really useful in real life situations (like for testing quality in Uncle Danny and Aunt Joanne's swimming pool!) We also watched a quick video about pH on YouTube (Owen LOVES when we integrate videos.  He really engages in them!)

Experiments and discussions are one of my favorite activities in homeschooling!  I love learning with my kids.
Have you ever made cabbage pH indicator strips?

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