Saturday, November 22, 2014

Saturday Picture Round Up

Preparation for our upcoming Thanksgiving trip started this weekend.  The kids had so much fun helping, and are really looking forward to packing the bags starting on Monday.  I must admit...we are all excited about the trip! Expect to see pictures from that next Saturday.

Here are some memories I documented via camera this week.  Enjoy a glimpse into our daily lives...

Monday, November 17

Jeffrey received some money for his birthday, and we ordered an Optimus Prime Rescue Bot Transformer from Toys R' Us.  It was delivered this day, and he was so excited.  Here he is showing off Jet Mode. 
 Tuesday, November 18

The kids love coloring!  As one activity for fun on our upcoming trip, Jayme volunteered to make coloring books for herself, Jeffrey, Ellie and Sydney.  She printed off a variety of coloring pages from the Internet, and then assembled four coloring pages for everyone.  Using duct tape and a blank piece of paper for the covers, she did a good job.  This is her Variety coloring book.  It has some random Thanksgiving pages, a couple of Mario characters, and a few others that I've forgotten.

The books have been tucked safely away, and we'll pull them out during the Thanksgiving weekend to keep everyone entertained!  I also bought some new colored pencils for them (not as messy as markers or crayons in someone else's house!!!)

 Wednesday, November 19

The super cold weather means the fire is burning hot all day long.  This sucks the moisture right out of the air, and several of the kids came down with eczema patches on their back.  We treat with homemade lotion bars, and by adding moisture to the air--via a tea kettle and pot on top of the stove.  Works pretty well!
 Thursday, November 20

First substantial snow of the year.  The kids couldn't wait to be done with school and get out and play. 

 Also on Thursday...a milestone for Jeffrey.  His first tooth came out! 

Cute story...

He wasn't going to pull it out because he said it hurt to bad.  I told him he could leave it and it would eventually come out while he was eating or something, like Owen's did.  Then I casually mentioned that I paid $1 for every tooth that came out.  Within a second, that tooth was in my hand! Money is definitely a motivator for this one!

Saturday, November 22

Magnetic play boards have been created for the trip as well.  I got the idea from here, and then changed it up a bit to meet our needs.  We don't have a color printer, so we created coloring pages from pictures we liked using Photoshop, resized and printed.  Then the kids colored their own pieces.  Jayme drew backgrounds for everyone.

Yesterday we used Modge Podge to get everything ready, and today we cut the pieces out and hot glued magnet buttons on.  Here is Jeffrey with his Rescue Bot set.  Jayme has Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Ellie has Daniel Tiger, and Sydney has My Little Pony.  We decided that Owen would just eat them, and Simon was too little. 

These were really simple to make, and I am going to make some more for schooling purposes.  Matching capital and lower case letters, number identification, sight word practice, parts of a plant...there are numerous possibilities!

Do you have any plans for travel next week? 

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