Thursday, March 27, 2014

Life Without My iPhone

A couple of weeks ago, I dropped my iPhone.  It was a sad, sad day!  The screen cracked and my husband and I ordered a new part.  It finally arrived today. But despite my husband's valiant efforts, the repair was not meant to be.

So my iPhone has been disconnected.  And I'm back to using my old Samsung Convoy--a standard flip phone. 

Guess what?

I'm okay with that.

What you might not know is that I was really struggling with an iPhone addiction of sorts.  I always had it on me.  And was always on it. 

Kids have a question...just let me Google it.  On my phone.  Immediately.

Need a new recipe? Or just think I do?  Google it immediately. 

Oh, was that an email, better read it.  Immediately.

Text message?  Must be important.  Let's read it immediately.

You get the picture. 

My smart phone provided constant access to the Internet.  It was too easy.  I reached for it constantly.  I put aside other tasks to do something on the phone. 

The contract on my phone expired back in October of 2013.  We really considered shutting it off at that point.  But we didn't. 

Instead I tried to change.  I tried setting limits for myself.  But I kept breaking them. 

It didn't work. 

And now?  The Lord answered my prayers in a way I didn't expect.  With a broken iPhone and a repair that didn't work out. 

We talked about ordering another phone for me.  But you know what?  I don't need it. 

I need a phone.  I have a phone.  My Samsung works great!

I need a way to check my email.  My laptop works perfect!

I need a way to have alarms throughout the day.  Yup--the iPod we have will tackle that task. 

All of the things I NEED my phone for have been covered.  It's a blessing! 

And that extra $40 a month we'll save on our Verizon bill?  I did the math (with an online amortization calculator)...and if we throw that amount towards Sallie Mae (our final remaining debt!!!), we'll be out of debt a little sooner.  We're hoping for six years now.

So out of debt sooner...less temptation to be on technology all the time?  Yup.  A broken iPhone can be a blessing! 

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