Saturday, March 1, 2014

Weekly Pic Round Up: Week 9

Another week come and gone.  Another week of memories.

Here are the pictures I took to help me remember this week.

Sunday, February 23

A weird sight...See that lumpy thing in the tree?  Yes folks.  That IS a robin red breast--the true sign of spring.  On a branch covered in snow from the overnight storm.  Crazy!

 Monday, February 24

We don't usually break out this gadget.  It used to be we could only hook it up out on our porch.  Brr!  I don't want to be standing outside grinding wheat.  But Jeffrey pointed out that he thought it could fit on this portable cart Grandma gave us.  Turns out he was right.  Here's Ellie preparing to grind some of the wheat we grew two years ago.  Bread anyone?

Tuesday, February 25

Our first ever batch of lotion bars.  It was exciting!  We really like these things.  And making them ourselves is much cheaper than buying them.  Only three ingredients! 

 Wednesday, February 26

Timberdoodle -- a homeschool supply company based in Washington State-- was having a doodle contest.  Here's Jayme's doodle that she entered. 

 Thursday, February 27

Who would have thought that an annual appointment at Shriner's Hospital for Children to check Owen for scoliosis (it's typical in kids with Angelman Syndrome) would result in a cool craft idea.

Sure enough!  I had to ask the kind lady in the x-ray check in area if she minded if I snapped a picture of this cool thing.  Yes indeed.  It's made out of Mountain Dew cans.  Recreating it is on my to-do list for March!

Friday, February 28

An organization project in the works.  Those are two of our upstairs bookshelves.  After three boxes were selected for donation.  I decided it's time for a major purge.  We have TOO MANY books! You can't even figure out what to read because there are so many.  And if you do pick a title, good luck finding it in this mess of double layers!

 Saturday, March 1

Look who decided not to go back to sleep after his morning nursing.  He accompanied me out to the barn to chore.  He seems pretty happy about not being in bed!


  1. Thank you for the glimpse into your week......and I love the lotion bars. Hope you have a great week. :) Gentle Joy

    1. Thanks for stopping by. You have a great week as well!


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