Saturday, March 15, 2014

What Should Be...Pic Week Round Up #11

Notice the title says, "Should Be."

That's important.

Because I dropped my iPhone doing chores this week.  And busted the screen. 

And of course I did this BEFORE I connected to the computer to get the pictures.  So I can't actually share them with you. And I didn't take pictures for half the week.

Well, I did.  But I took them on an old flip phone.  That I can't connect to the computer.  But I can send them as pic message to my iPhone.  But since that's busted, it doesn't help right now...

Thankfully my wonderful husband Bryan watched a video on how to replace the screen.  And we found the part online for $12--including the tools we needed.  Yeah for having an older phone! That price was a blessing. 

So right now my phone is turned off and not being used.  The drop didn't damage the LCD at all, but I read that if you continue using the cracked screen it will eventually cause pixels to go out.  Don't want that to happen! 

Instead of a week's worth of cute pictures, I'll leave you with just one.  I had to share it. Even though I actually took it on 3/6.  So you know--not this week at all.  But that's okay! Hopefully by next weekend my phone will be back up and running beautifully again. 

Ellie told me she was a Grandpa.  It was adorable!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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