Friday, March 28, 2014

My Tire Planter!

Today I felt like being crafty during quiet time.  I had my eyes on these tire planters for a while, and decided to finally try making one. 

The tutorial I linked to above gave the best directions on how to actually flip the tire inside out.  More on that step in a bit...

First I had to pick a tire.  If you remember, we have 100s of tires sitting in our junk pile out back, and I really wanted to start putting them to good use. I wanted a tire on a rim, because I think the planters on a pedestal looked amazingly cool!

Thankfully one of the first tires I came to (read, closer to the barn where I was going to be working) was fairly soft, and on a rim.  I declared it a winner, and rolled it over to the barn.

Next began my trial and error process of cutting the tire.  Cordless saw thing?  Nope--just got smoke.  Hand saw?  Nope--couldn't fit in the space between the treads and the rim like I needed.  Razor blade?  Nope--too short to penetrate all of the rubber.  Boning knife? Yup--that did the trick.  Good thing I had an extra!

I probably should have used chalk and drawn a pattern.  But I didn't.  I just did some freehand stabbing and cutting.  There's always next time!

Once I had the tire all cut, it was time to try flipping it.  Yeah...that was a problem.  I picked a tire that was too big.  I couldn't get my knee up in it like the tutorial suggested. I was too short and the tire too tall.

I tried standing on a bale of hay (not recommended!), on a pallet, and squatting over the tire.  Nothing worked.

So I rolled it over the porch and waited until my dad came by after work.  He got it started for me.  And then I could fit my knee in and we eventually got it flipped.

It was hard work.  We were both sweating and wondering if we'd ever actually get it done.  But then little by little, one bit at a time, it started to flip.  We were so excited! 

The results?  I love it!  I still need to pressure wash it to clean it up, and then I'll paint it.  Once it's painted, I'll add some dirt and some flowers. 

I want to make more.

But I will be using smaller tires next time.  I think it'd be much easier to flip without the rim as well.  But I like the base. 

What do you think?

The "petals" definitely aren't symmetrical.  I'll draw a pattern next time!

I have been working on a bike rack out of tires as well, and Ellie's birthday present--seesaws from tire halves.  I'll share those when I finish. 

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