Saturday, August 16, 2014

More Pictures: Weekly Round Up

It's strangely quiet in our house tonight.  After a busy day, the majority of the kids are sleeping well.  I thought I'd take advantage of the quiet and finish up this post.  Enjoy our week in pictures!

Sunday, August 10

Look at the little princesses.  They were so excited about their new dresses for the wedding that they wanted to wear them to church.  Sydney even left her hair ties in for a little while.  
Monday, August 11

We were blessed with the opportunity to go swimming at my aunt and uncle's house.  The kids all love the water so much.  My parents went too, and Grandpa had fun swimming with Owen and Jeffrey.  Then Bryan was able to join us for dinner after he got finished at work. What a wonderful day!
 Tuesday, August 12

Mobius Science Center came to the local library to do a science presentation.  After watching that, we checked out some books.  Jeffrey, Ellie and Sydney were waiting patiently for Jayme to get done selecting books.  They all love to read!

 Wednesday, August 13

Check out that fog!  You can barely see my milk cows coming towards the barn for their morning milking.  It was beautiful!  And a reminder that fall will be here before we know it. 

Thursday, August 14

We made butter today.  Here's Jeffrey helping to churn.

Friday, August 15

It's sunny.  And it's raining.  You can see the drops falling heavily off the barn roof.  I snapped this one while I was filling up the water tanks for the cows.  With the storm, losing power (and thus water) is always a concern, so we make sure all the animals have plenty of water.

Saturday, August 16

On a side note...Happy Birthday to my sister Katie!

Wow--what a productive day!  I made some bread and granola bars to get stocked up, Bryan got the oil changed in all the vehicles, we cut some firewood, and we had a great visit with some Grandparents. 

So many things to choose for picture taking moments.  What did I pick to share with you?  Here you are.

You can see that wood is starting to stack up nicely. We let it dry even more in the hot sun, and then Bryan will split it and we'll get it stacked where we need it.  I'm so thankful to have a husband who works so hard to meet our needs and make sure we're cozy in the winter!

I'm going to go enjoy the peace and quiet of the house and turn in a bit early.   Have a lovely weekend!

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