Thursday, August 14, 2014

Veggie Egg Scramble

One of the benefits of summer is that the kids can sleep in a bit more.  We're not trying to fit a few hours of school into the days, so our time isn't as managed as it is during the school year.

One of the downsides of the kids sleeping in is that breakfast is pushed back.  The problem?  I'm still getting up at five to milk the cows and do the other farm chores and after the hard work, my tummy doesn't like to be empty until 8 or even later. 

My solution?

A quick breakfast of sauteed veggies over scrambled eggs. 

I know.  It sounded gross to me at first too.  But I had lots of eggs and some extra carrots and some large zuchinni that my mom blessed me with, so I decided to see what I could do. I used Google, and the first thing to pop up was this.  A Paleo egg and carrot breakfast.

 It sounded pretty good, but I didn't want to add the ginger or tamari that early in the morning, so I stuck with just salt and pepper. 

After peeling and grating the carrot, and a small chunk of unpeeled zuchinni, I sauteed the veggies in a bit of coconut oil (butter works too.)  While that was simmering, I scrambled up a couple of eggs in more coconut oil.  (If you're looking for a new way to scramble eggs, you'll have to try the method outlined in the post I linked to above!)

The carrots and zuchinni just getting soft in some oil. 
I dumped the veggies on top and called it breakfast. Each time I've made this (even when varying the veggies), it has kept me full for a long time.  When I just grabbed something random for an early breakfast, I was eating again an hour later with the kids.  Not with this meal!  I was fine clear through until lunch.  That's amazing! 

This meal is quick (10-15 minutes is all), versatile (add some mushrooms, take out the zuchinni, use what you have!) and easy to clean up.  Those are all bonus traits when I'm making two breakfasts!

 The best part?  I can share with my cuties who happen to wake up early.  Simon and Owen both love this meal.  Jayme devours the eggs, but isn't too fond of the veggies yet.  I didn't start early enough with her on a love of veggies unfortunately.  But I think over time she'll get there! 

 After eating in the morning, I feel much better and have plenty of energy to tackle some housework while everyone is sleeping.  It's the perfect time to clean the bathroom, take out the trash and just do a general pick up. I can also add the finishing touches on breakfast for the kids, and have it ready for them when they wake up.

Making a quick breakfast is definitely better than being a grumpy mommy!

What's your favorite veggie to eat in the morning? 

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