Saturday, August 30, 2014

Weekly Round Up: Kitchen Remodel Edition

Guess who was able to cook dinner in the new kitchen?  Yup--that was me!  I'm so excited to have our kitchen back and have the dining room space liveable again.  Many thanks to Grandpa, Steve and Bryan for working so hard on this project. 

Here you are--pictures from each day of our remodel.

Sunday, August 24

Look at those nasty floor boards!  It's wonderful to not have mold underfoot anymore. 

Monday, August 25

Wow--the room was stripped, painted and got new floor boards in less than 24 hours! My crew was super busy. 

Tuesday, August 26

A special tool had to be rented to bust a hole through our foundation for a new sewer line.  It was rock and concrete--about 7 inches thick.   Grandpa and Bryan worked together to get the job done. 

Wednesday, August 27

A trip to Spokane for cabinets, plumbing, electrical odds and ends and whatever else was on the list.  No pictures from this day, and no work done in the kitchen as the linoleum was drying.

Thursday, August 28

Cabinet installation day! Here Bryan is working on the upper above where the microwave will be hung. 

Friday, August 29

Plumbing day.  Like our creepy basement?  It's half dirt floor and piled high with stuff from when my Grandma lived in the house.  I'm sure there are many treasures here--a project for someday!

 Like I've mentioned before, plumbing and electricity were not original to the house.  All of that has been sort of jerry-rigged over the years and the basement kind of shows their history. 

Anyways, the whole house (with the exception of the toilet) got moved to a new, larger sewer line.  The kitchen got new hot and cold lines as well. 

Side note.  When your husband asks you to go to the store for a much needed part right before the store closes...remember that hot and cold water lines are different sizes.  And that's important.  I didn't know that, and came home with the wrong one.  Which meant the plumbing couldn't get finished until this morning.  Oops!  But I learned something new, and Bryan was super sweet about my mistake.  Thanks honey!

 Saturday, August 30

Get finished day!

Well, except for a few minor things like touching up some paint over where we filled holes from the old cabinets and putting in the kick boards on the cupboards.  I've even unpacked the majority of the boxes from around the house.  It's wonderful to have a functional, beautiful space!

This picture shows Bryan working on the dishwasher.  It was nice to run a load tonight. 

Kitchen remodel was the story of our week.  We survived, and have a great space now.  We are all looking forward to resting tomorrow and Monday before starting back to work for Bryan and back to homeschooling for the kids and I. 

Have a relaxing long weekend!

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