Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wedding Prep, More Stitches, A Birthday and A Marriage--Weekly Wrap Up

Like my title?  That pretty much sums up the week!  My cousin Danielle and her fiance Scott are getting hitched tonight down by the creek.  The ceremony will be beautiful!  My mom and step-dad worked really hard for several weeks beautifying the ranch.  Their effort really paid off!

Last night and today, many others in the family came together to decorate and get everything ready.  Now we just have to wait until the ceremony. 

But...until then, we're celebrating Simon's first birthday!  Yup.  One year ago today he joined our family.  Here's a birthday snapshot of him before we begin the weekly wrap up. 

Our kids have one opportunity to dig into their cake (literally.)  On their first birthday.  After that, they're expected to have enough manners to keep their hands out.  But it sure is cute to watch them!

Now onto the rest of the week.

Sunday, August 3

Look what I got from the garden!  They were a delicious snack before dinner.
Monday, August 4

Grandpa took some of the kids fishing in the creek and they ended up with seven trout.  We fried them up on Tuesday for dinner, and really enjoyed them! Thanks mom for the picture.

Tuesday, August 5

Sydney and Owen both woke up overnight, and I settled them on the couch.  They were a lot cuter in the morning than they were when I was exhausted in the middle of the night! Thankfully Sydney doesn't normally wake up--that is a blessing!
Wednesday, August 6

A big wedding prep day.  Grandpa installed electricity and lights on the pergola.  Jeffrey climbed up to inspect the work.  I love how a hose keeps Owen busy.  The creek is a hard spot with him because of his fascination with water, but thankfully the hose kept him occupied.   He loved trying to squirt everyone--the booger! :)
Thursday, August 7

More stitches.  This time on Owen.  A seizure into the edge of the coffee table left him with a gash on his eyelid.  If it had been somewhere else, the doctor would have just glued it, but because of the hair it needed stitched.  Owen is a LOT easier to have medical work done on than Jeffrey (a combination of a really high pain tolerance and just how much medical stuff he's had done in his life).  We just went to our normal family doctor and not to the hospital. 

Friday, August 8

A shopping day.  All day in town--whew!  Sydney woke up really early and decided to go with me to finish up morning farm chores.  Here she is in her jammies slipping on her rubber boots on the porch.  Sweet company in the early morning!

Saturday, August 9

Wedding Day!  Birthday Day!  Lots of cake and celebration. 

But first, wood cutting.  Simon loved the tractor.  And special thanks to Jayme for sitting precariously on the other side and being ready to grab the birthday boy so he didn't plunge off!

Well, I've got some kids to cycle through the tub so they are clean for the wedding (I mean...chocolate covered kids might not go over too well!) Sydney and Ellie are looking forward to wearing their fancy "new" dresses (from some friends and Goodwill!).

  Enjoy your weekend. 

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