Saturday, August 2, 2014

Weekly Round Up

We're back from a whirlwind day trip to the Tri-Cities (about 3.5 hours away).  We were picking up a lovely china cupboard/hutch unit from a Great Aunt, and visiting with Grandma and Grandpa.  They'll be coming up with the motor home at the end of August, and we have some kitchen renovations to complete.  I'm looking forward to it!

Since it's so late, I almost didn't post, but then I remembered that because of Jeffrey's stitches, I hadn't posted last week, so I really wanted to share pictures this time around. 

We'll keep it short and sweet!

Sunday, July 27

I went upstairs during quiet time, and Jeffrey comes to me and tells me that a red car just took our our mailboxes (ours and my parents).  The teen driver (who speeds by here a couple times a day) also took out a phone box as he learned what can happen on a loose gravel road when you go too fast.  That lead to an interesting afternoon...

And we asked Jeffrey to let us know immediately if that ever happens again (or something similar.)  After all, quiet time can be broken for important reasons!

Monday, July 28

Thanks to Jayme for snapping this picture for me.  I had carried Owen from the back yard (where Jeffrey and Ellie had made a mud hole to play in) to the front, and didn't want to get my new iPhone (thanks Bryan!) all muddy.  Isn't he a cute dirty boy? 
 Tuesday, July 29

My parents got another batch of 100 chicks.  Here is Ellie showing one off.
 Wednesday, July 30

Grandpa helped us blow Owen's pool back up and we enjoyed playing in it to cool off from the heat.
 Thursday, July 31

Our chicks!  Ellie with one again.  She really likes the babies! No...the adoption process didn't work.  The mama hen kept pecking the babies.  I had read that it's a possibility that she could kill all of them that we tried, and the frugal side of me decided not to take chances with $50 worth of chicken.  So they are in a crate in the chicken coop getting used to the flock from a distance.  We'll begin free ranging them together at 8 weeks or so. 
 Friday, August 1

My cousin's baby (not quite sure the relationship on that one..second cousin?  Or once removed???) Either way...he turned 1!!!  We went to a fabulous birthday party with a ball pit and a trampoline.  Simon LOVED the balls! 

Saturday, August 2

One of my favorite parts of a road trip.  Finding a random park and letting the kids run like mad to burn off their energy.  Jeffrey mastered the bars!  He went back and forth all the way several times.  He sticks out his tongue when concentrating! 

It kind of looks like he's walking on the ground, but I promise he's really too short for that.  He actually did the bars!

And everyone had a blast.  I highly recommend the Ritzville Park if you are in the area.
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!  See you next week!

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