Thursday, October 17, 2013

Maggie's Milk: Smoothie Style

 Smoothies make for a quick breakfast.  In our busy household, that's essential!  Bryan can take one in a travel mug for his long drive to work.  I can pick it up and set it down as I help all of our littles get ready for the day.  They have protein.  They have nutrients.  And they taste good!

I love that smoothies are so versatile.  They are really easy to make and forgiving.  Here is what I did this morning:

Fill blender half-full of the wonderful yogurt I made in our dehydrator.  Add a scoop of homemade cottage cheese. Throw in a handful of spinach leaves.  Peel and add a banana.  Squeeze in a bit of honey.  Add a few ice cubes.  Put the lid on. 

Ice crush setting for a minute or two.

The spinach disintegrate, the ice gets smoothly blended, and everything melds together.  Pour into glasses.  Add a straw.  Breakfast in a rush!

What's your favorite green smoothie recipe for busy mornings? If you haven't tried one before, I highly recommend it.

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