Thursday, October 24, 2013

Our Blessing Tree

Today I was inspired by a post I read over at Raising Arrows.  This fall, we are trying to focus on counting our blessings and choosing to be thankful.  Amy's project was a perfect craft for this lesson.

We used what we had on hand.  A big chunk of butcher paper made the trunk of our tree.  Jayme colored it brown for us.  We used red, orange and yellow construction paper to make hand print leaves.  Everyone made two or three to help our tree get filled up.

Each finger was used to hold the name of something or someone we were thankful for.  With so many non-writers, it took a while. We used our hour chunk of time between lunch cleanup and quiet time.  We didn't feel rushed this way, and were able to get everything cleaned up afterwards.

I worked with Jeff, Ellie and Sydney individually while the others colored on leftover butcher paper. Jayme completed her own leaves. I loved hearing each blessing.  When everyone was finished, I added my own hand leaves to the tree. 

We all brainstormed things that Owen might be thankful for since he can't talk.  The kids came up with some good ones I wouldn't have thought of--water and bubbles. He giggled as we suggested things, so I think that was his way of acknowledging his blessings.  The iPad definitely made his list--it's amazing how much he is learning to do with it!

Since Owen enjoys ripping paper and eating it, our tree had to be placed out of reach.  I hung it up on a wall between our desk and movie cupboard. I think it will be safe there,  but only time will tell.

Jayme had a good idea--we are going to try to save this tree and leaves, and add to it annually.  We wrote 2013 on the back of each leaf.  As we put it up next year we can look over each blessing, and bring back some memories.

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