Thursday, October 10, 2013

What's Cooking Today? (10/10/13)

It's been a  productive day in the kitchen!  We've had food drying, soaking, rising and draining all day. I'm looking forward to eating these delicious victuals.

The kids and I picked more of our prune plums and set them to dry in our Excalibur dehydrator (thanks so much Grandma for that blessing!) Almost everyone in our family enjoys the dried plums, and they help Owen a lot with digestion problems he has. We are hoping to do a batch every other day until we run out of plums.
Having cute help like Sydney makes the plum picking go faster!

After my milking session this morning, I realized that we were swimming in milk, so I started some cottage cheese from our raw milk.  I took the recipe from here and modified it for the ingredients I had on hand.  I used a half-gallon of milk, 1/4 of a tablet of rennet dissolved in 1/4 cup of water, and cream instead of half and half.  It drained for a couple of hours in the fridge, a bit longer than it needed to--but I forgot about it! :)
Finished cottage cheese.

I used the whey from the cottage cheese to mix up a double batch of my mom's secret roll recipe.  Except I used whey instead of milk since I didn't want the whey to go to waste.  We'll use some of these for dinner tonight, and the rest we'll turn into sandwiches to bring to town with us tomorrow on our big monthly shopping trip.
Don't these rolls look tasty?

Since we'll need a quick breakfast to facilitate getting out of the house on time tomorrow, I have a batch of Giant Breakfast Cookies soaking.  I added the honey to the soaking mix so I don't have a sticky  measuring cup in the morning.  I'll get up a little earlier tomorrow and finish mixing these up and bake them.  Healthy cookies make a quick, easily portable cookie for our busiest mornings.

This is what soaked breakfast cookie dough looks like the next morning.  The liquid has all been absorbed, and it is very thick. 

What are some of your current cooking projects?

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