Saturday, October 26, 2013

Our Pirate Adventure

Life has been hectic around Grouse Creek, and it was time for a change.  Time to slow down for a few hours. Time for an adventure. So when I found a free printable for a pirate treasure nature scavenger hunt, I knew what kind of adventure we would have.

On Friday, we donned our pirate scarves and trekked out into the backwoods paths here at the farm looking for pirate goodies.  Since we don't have acorns, we decided to use yellow leaves for gold doubloons. Pearls (berries) and jewels (rocks and little pinecones) rounded out the loot to search for. 
We kept our eyes peeled for swords, hooks and eye patches to complete our pirate costumes. 

My crew all ready for adventure!

We had a baggie of hard tack (pretzels) and water for rations on our journey.  With everything in order, we set off. Sydney found the first sword.

Every pirate needs a patch.  We made ours by poking a hole in both sides of a leaf and stringing yarn through it.Quick, simple and really cute!

Our journey took us back into the woods.  The fog in the air created the perfect atmosphere for the adventure, and we decided we were on a mysterious island. When we found everything on our list, a sword fight was in order.  And a break for rations.  Being a pirate is hard work!

With bags full of treasure, we decided to turn back for home.  But, we still had to bury our finds.  Jayme decided the barn should be a volcano in the center of our mysterious island.  A volcano is a great spot for buried treasure!

We picked a cement block with a hollow center as the best hiding spot. Everyone dumped their treasures in, and then we covered it with an x (from two sticks). 

Getting ready to bury the loot.

The pirate adventure was just what we needed. Have you had any good adventures lately?

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