Saturday, October 19, 2013

The Case of the Missing Magnets

The kids love playing with magnets. We have a variety of them. Or at least we did.  Until recently when we realized that we were missing a ton of them.  Like almost a whole alphabet...all of our season magnets...and more. 

Yesterday I was cleaning the kitchen and pulled out the stove, hoping to find magnets.  I didn't.  Until I pulled the drawer out.  Did you realize that magnets can stick to the bottom of that thing?  I sure didn't.  But, we went from having 10 letters of our alphabet to having 23.  Wow--that is huge! 

Today, with Jeffrey and Ellie's help, we pulled out the fridge and started using a stick to hit the magnets down from under there.  Yup--that's magnetic too.  We found most of our missing ones.  Just need the letter U.  Not sure where that went.

So if you are missing magnet, try looking up under your fridge, and on the bottom of your oven drawer.

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