Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Baby Names

I've had some questions over the years about some of the names we picked for our children.  In this post, we'll take a quick look at all of them.  I'll do my best to explain our reasoning. :)

Jayme Rebekah 

Our oldest.  Bryan and I were seniors in high school while expecting her.  We both made a list of names we liked.  We made boy and girl lists since we didn't peek.  Then we compared.  And talked.  Jayme (or some variation) was about the only name on both lists.  We went with it. Bryan picked the spelling.  The y matches the y in his name.  :)

We knew we wanted a middle name with a meaning.  I have a throw away middle name (Ann....).  Bryan's is his mother's maiden name.  We talked about going that route.  But alas, my maiden name is Pease.  And Pease Tanner is just begging to be teased.  That one got scratched.  Almost immediately.  And has never since been suggested.  Sorry Dad....

A Biblical name was decided on.  We both liked Rebekah.  It flowed well.  We liked it.

Owen Elijah
Our first born son.  His name was going to be Wyatt Joseph.  Until my mom started singing a song that went something like this..."Wyatt Earp urps up" Yeah.  That name had to go.  Bryan was on deployment on the Ronald Reagan, and Jayme and I were in Washington.  We had long distance, email communications about a new name.  I suggested Owen--a couple at the church we were at before we moved had recently used it, and I liked it.  So did Bryan.

But Owen Joseph just didn't flow well. A different middle name was needed.  Bryan suggested Elijah or Elisha.  We went with Elijah since he was first.  Maybe we'll use Elisha someday.

Jeffrey James

James is Bryan's favorite Biblical name.  It also happens to be the name of my Dad (though he has always gone by Jim.)  We liked it.  We just couldn't think of a first name.  

One day at an appointment with the midwife, I suggested naming this child after  both of our dads.  After all, Bryan's dad had done an ultrasound while we were visiting him in Texas and confirmed that we were having a boy.  It would be fitting.  His name is Jeffrey.  

Jeffrey James flowed nicely.  Besides, I really liked the nickname JJ.  Only one problem...Jeffrey has requested us NOT to call him that.  He likes Jeffrey.  Or Jeffrey James.  

Ellie Elisabeth

Our first baby name inspired by a book. I had just finished reading aloud the Love Come Softly series to the family.  Bryan and I really liked the name Ellie, and her character in the books.  We just didn't love Elvira--her given name.  We didn't really like Elizabeth either as a first name.  And we decided to just go with what we liked.  Ellie.  

But, we knew that someday our cute little Ellie might grow up and want a grown up name.  She needed a middle name that was elegant and a contrast to the bubbly first name.  Sticking with our Biblical theme, we selected Elisabeth.  We chose that spelling because it has my name in it--Lisa.  

Sydney Damaris
Sydney Damaris.  Damaris is another name taken from a book.  Another one of Janette Oake's books actually.  A Woman Named Damaris. This name is found in Acts 17.  A rather obscure Biblical name, but one that Bryan and I both really like.  Except that everyone in the extended family seems to think her name is Sydney Damascus.  Oh well.  

Damaris was set to be Sydney's first name.  Until my math minded husband did some figuring.  All of our other kids have a two-syllable first name.  Can't leave this one out of that pattern.  So we moved Damaris to the middle place.  And came to terms with the fact that we had a naming pattern.  Two syllables from here on out folks! :) 

I don't actually remember how we picked Sydney.  But I'm glad we did.  Now.  I had serious naming regrets at first.  It just didn't seem to work.  Now it does.  Our little Sydney is often called  by her nickname--Cinnamon.  And let me tell you.  She adds spice to life alright!  

Simon Andrew
 Bryan picked this name, and I really like it.  In the book of Acts, there is Simon a tanner.  We have the perfect last name!  I, however, did not want our child to have a middle initial instead of a middle  name.  So we started brainstorming Biblical A names.

Andrew seemed to flow the best.  We liked the meaning.  And our kids have a pretty neat uncle named Andrew.  So we went with it.  Altogether, his name means a listening warrior.  Strong, but gentle.  Taking time to listen instead of just barge in.  But able to barge in when needed.  Good character traits.  Now we have to raise him right to get him to that point! :)

I'm also glad that Owen is now not the only child to have a name that doesn't end in the e sound.  It's all good!

Other Contenders

If the Lord blesses us with more babies, we are set.  Here are a few names that remain on our lists: 

Ziva Abigail 
Mia Joanna
Brynna Ruth
Ashlyn Joy

Brennan Samuel
Ethan Malachi 
Carson Isaiah 
Brendan Elisha 

Of course, we might change our minds.  If mom develops yet another strange song (and tells us BEFORE the name is given).  Or if another name just jumps at us.  Or whatever. 

How did you come up with baby names? 

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