Tuesday, December 10, 2013

The Alphabet Castle

We've been hard at work learning letters around here.  One of my favorite ways to practice letter identification is with a large foam puzzle.  I'm sure you've seen them around--the letter pops out and back in, and you can connect them to make a large mat.  The kids love playing with it.

After we take all of the letters out, I usually throw them all around the room.  I grab up a case and call out the letter.  The little guys run around trying to be the first to find it.  Once all the letters are retrieved, we order them.  Great letter practice!

Owen can easily be included in this activity.  He usually chews on a letter or a case, and we all tell him which letter he has.  Exposure is our big goal with Owen, so it works great!

Jeffrey and Ellie decided to do something different.  They recruited Jayme and had her build them a letter castle.  They could pop out letters to make windows.  It was another fun way to play with the alphabet.
Jayme puts the finishing touches on the door to her castle.

Ellie demonstrates the peep hole.

Sydney, Jeffrey and Ellie in the completed castle. 

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