Thursday, December 19, 2013

Unexpected Blessing

Shortly after cleaning up from morning chores, the power went out.  The weather wasn't bad.  It was just an unexpected blessing.

After helping Bryan get out the door, we scrambled some eggs on our woodstove top.  Then we made some hot cocoa and went down to the basement for a gallon of water.  We made tea.  It was a lovely morning of snuggling and reading.

Since the power wasn't supposed to be restored until right before noon, I decided to get a jump start on lunch.  I put a chicken in my dutch oven, along with some veggies.  I added some water and seasonings, and set it on the stove to cook.  Wow--the smell was amazing!  All morning we enjoyed the smell of the cooking chicken.

Power was restored sooner than expected.  Then we were able to get on with scheduled school activities that needed the computer.  But, we enjoyed a wonderful morning.  It's amazing how much slower pace life is without power!

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