Friday, December 13, 2013

Cute Cookies

A group of people from church are getting together tonight to go caroling at a nursing home, and then gather for fellowship.  When I came across these cookies on a blog a few weeks ago, I knew this would be the perfect occasion to try our hand at making them.

When we went shopping on the 6th, I grabbed everything we needed and tucked it away in the kitchen.  Today was the day to pull everything out.  I don't normally buy cookies, so the kids were super excited to see them all! 

And then we had fun constructing our hamburgers.  We decided to set up an assembly line.  Jeffrey did ketchup.  Ellie applied mustard.  Jayme added lettuce and burger patty.  I played gopher, taking completed hamburgers to the tray and refilling supplies as needed.  Simon slept like a sweet little baby, and Sydney and Owen took turns eating broken cookies. It was a family event indeed.

Jeffrey adds ketchup.  He did a great job!

Ellie adds some mustard and Sydney looks for a sample.
Jayme adds lettuce, a bun and assembles.
Ellie approves!

The finished product--really cute!

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