Wednesday, December 11, 2013

N is for Noodle

This has been a fun week in our little homeschool!  We've made it all the way to N.  N is for noodle!  I've been making an effort to incorporate more sensory play into our learning.  It's good for Owen.  Actually--it's good for all the kids! 

First, we had to make colored noodles.  With Christmas just around the corner, I picked red and green.  I put dried macaroni noodles into a gallon Ziploc.  We added several drops of red food coloring to one bag, and several drops of green to another.  A little rubbing alcohol was added as well. 

Then my helpers shook, shook, shook.  Eventually the majority of the noodles got covered.  Then we let them dry on a cookie sheet.  When they were done, they looked like this:

I divided the colored noodles between five sparkly boxes I found in the dollar section at Target.  I added a few goodies--gold chocolate coins, Christmas stamps, ribbon for lacing, and a cinnamon stick.  The kids loved digging through their noodles to find everything. 

Then I used glue to write a name on construction paper.  Each child put noodles on top of the glue, and had a tactile name. Great practice!  I just did a big O for Owen, and a big S for Sydney.  Those two needed some help.  Owen had hand-over-hand assistance, and Sydney just had big sister work with her until she understood what she was supposed to do.

 But, macaroni noodles aren't the only ones we used for play this week.  Spaghetti noodles worked wonderfully as well.  I cooked a big 3 pound bag. Then I colored half of it red and half of it green.  I used the same bags as before, but used olive oil instead of rubbing alcohol to  help transfer the color.

This is the perfect sensory medium for Owen.  It's cooked, so if when he eats it I don't have to worry about it expanding internally.  After reading about noodle baths on this website, I knew that Owen would love one.  He did!  He had noodles on his head, noodles on his toes, and he even threw noodles on the floor.  Thankfully, it was easy to clean up!

Then the little girls asked if they could take one too.  I dug out their swim clothes and refilled the tub.  They had a blast! The noodles turned the water an interesting color.  They picked it up and cooked with it on the sides of the tub.  They threw it at each other.  They let their toes dangle in the noodles. 

That website (Growing a Jeweled Rose) also has directions for making glow in the dark noodles.  I want to try that sometime, though I probably won't let Owen play with those ones.  He will eat them after all. Thanks to the Pica.  Don't want him glowing internally!  
Other possible noodle activities for the week:
Noodle Necklaces
Noodle Patterns
Noodle ABC dig
Do you have any fun ideas for noodle play?

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