Monday, December 23, 2013

Lego Mania!

Bryan loved Legos when he was a kid.ll   When Jayme was about eight, we bought her the Castle set of Legos--like the entire series.  And Bryan passed down all of his Legos.  We have a pretty impressive collection if I do say so myself.

In order to keep the Legos and Owen and babies safe, we have a dedicated space for Legos.  The upstairs closets in our house are more like little rooms.  With short ceilings.  We turned the one in the girls' room into a Lego land.  A table and a small chair were added for comfort.  The Legos often make it out into the girls' floor or the other table in the upstairs hall. 

Only finished creations are allowed downstairs.  Carefully placed on the kitchen table for Daddy to admire when he makes it home from work.  

I'm not too good at building.  If I have instructions, I can do it.  If it's a free-for-all, I can make a house.  And that's about it.  At least if you want to actually tell what it is I made.  Jayme bought the game Creationary--think Pictionary with Legos...and that's pretty fun to play.  That's about as creative as I get with Legos. 

Jayme, Jeffrey and Ellie are another story.  They all build well.  Jeffrey loves building airplanes and boats.  Ellie likes the people and Jayme's Lego Friends collection.  Pretty Legos!

Jayme gets really creative.  We found a Lego idea book at the library, and that really renewed her interest.

She learned how to make a house with stories that are easily removed.  She designed and made a Viking longboat.  But the one I've been most impressed with?  This one...

Yup.  She combined two of her favorite things.  Legos and My Little Ponies.  And made the coolest mosaic ever!  Meet Apple Bloom.  A Cutie Mark Crusader. 

Jayme worked for about thirty-five minutes to make this creation.  She is already planning her next one.  She wants to invent a pony based on the color schemes that we have.  And she is pretty sad that we don't have pink Legos.  She really wanted to build Pinkie Pie! Oh well. 

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