Friday, May 16, 2014

Creekside Respite

After an unexpected hectic morning earlier this week, that included the words Easter Eggs, closet, maggots, cleaning and ew! (don't ask!), what's a mom to do?  In order to keep her sanity, this mom decided to feed the crew a quick lunch and make haste for the creek for some much needed playtime. Praise the Lord it was a really warm day!

We go to the creek every year, but this year I noticed something different.  For the first time ever, Owen was pulling himself out of the water when he got cold.  He'd go sit on the grass for a little bit and then dip his feet back in.  He's NEVER done that before.  I thought it was awesome!

Owen backing out of the water...
It's a new way that he is showing he's learning, and gaining independence.  He doesn't have to wait for me to realize that his feet are purple and he probably needs to warm up a few minutes.  Nope.  Just did it himself.  Way to go Owen!

The other kids had a blast.  Well, most of them. Simon was locked in his car seat on the grassy banks and even though he REALLY needed a nap, he decided it'd be more fun to watch the action and let out a squawk every now and then to let us know he didn't think he should be in his seat.  But he survived. And even smiled a time or two. 
Ellie, Owen and Jeffrey

Everyone else had fun.  Even the puppy.  He surprised me by loving the water.  He'd chase sticks in and run up the bank.  Poor thing was exhausted when we got home, and didn't even want to go on a walk later.

And Sydney?  Last year she was really too young to get in on the splashing.  She made up for it this year!  She realized she could jump off a small rock into the water and that she could walk along the shallow parts really easily.  There was no stopping her, and she definitely didn't want to go home.

Sydney enjoying the creek.

Me?  I got over the whole cleaning incident and really am thankful to live at Grouse Creek.  The time spent there was just what I needed to relax with the kids and get my attitude back in check before going home and jumping back into chores and routines. 

Sometimes we all just need a break!

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